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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have any recommendations on a location?

Ah, this question gets me 100% of the time. It's so hard to find "magical" places here in Pueblo, CO. If we are staying in Pueblo, I first suggest the nature center, and if you aren't that "nature-y," then just walking around downtown getting shots. Don't let the nonchalance of that statement fool you - there is so much potential in those two spots. However, if you have the means to travel, I will always pick Lake Isabel, Canon City, or somewhere in Colorado Springs (Garden of the Gods, Bear Creek Nature Center) first. :) 

2. What should I wear? Can I bring more than one outfit?

Wear whatever the heck you want! And bring as many outfits as you want! My sessions are partly based off of session time, so however many outfits you can change into in our time frame works for me! In general, I suggest straying away from patterns and bright colors but especially straying from black shirts. This is all my personal preference though. :) 

3. How far can we travel?

My standard package for portraits includes a 60 mile radius from my business address. Technically I would have to charge per mile after 60 miles.... technically... ;)


4. How long will it take to get my pictures back?

I try try try very hard to get them back to you the VERY NEXT DAY! I would say 9/10 times this happens. The other 1 time it is the day after. :) 


5. Are prices negotiable?

No, prices are not negotiable, as they are very well thought out and I do my very best to make the prices as inexpensive as I possibly can. A TON of time and effort is put into each and every one of my photos I produce and deliver. I would hope all of my clients see value in my work. However, with that being said, I do understand budgets and would be willing to chat about what we can do to make a photoshoot HAPPEN! Photography just makes me happy, and at the end of the day, happiness is all that matters. :) 

6. Do you have print options available?

No, as of right now I am only providing digitals and do not offer printing services. I will give you a printing rights to the photos - I highly suggest NOT printing them at Walmart of Walgreens but of course you could print them wherever you choose. I recommend :) 

7. What time of day do you shoot at?

GOLDEN HOUR! All of my portrait shoots will start about an hour or so before sunset. This is tentative; sometimes I switch it up based on weather, cloud cover, etc, but generally speaking the photoshoots will be in the evening time. :) 

8. Are you self-taught?

Pretty much! I've never done anything "proper" to learn. Youtube videos and chats with local photography people. :) 

More Questions? Contact Me!

I will be in touch with you very soon!

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