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Well, hello there!


I'm so glad you have snooped around enough to check out this section all about me. Before I even begin saying anything let me answer that question in your head right now: YES you should just message me and ask if I would be willing to do what you're thinking about doing. YES I understand budgets; let's chat about it! 

But anywho! Hello again my name is Amber! I fell in love with photography a handful of years back. I got a camera for Christmas and fell in love. That's it. Nothing really else to that story! Four years later here I am. I also work as an accountant in Colorado Springs and have a boyfriend and doggo who I love very much! Either one of these guys may join us on photoshoots if that's something you're ok with... :)

There is a LOT I could say about myself or my photography business, so send me a message here with any questions you have or if you just want to chat:

Say hello!
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